Thursday, May 28, 2009

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How have your thoughts about work, and your future work life, changed over the course of this class? As a result of your interview and research project?

well i didnt know much about work aside from what others have told me about it. now that ive read and researched what some jobs require of you (like emotional labor...ur status going into a job) the imagine that was in my mind about how my work like was goin to be has changed drastically. before i used to have the mind set that if u love what you do than u dont work a day in your life. now i kno even if u take on a perfession of your choice it mite not always be easy.

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  1. Gabi, I think it's true - that saying about never having to work a day in your life is a little too simple. BUT I also think it's important to keep working for jobs we love, and ways to make all jobs more meaningful - that's what the exit exam review sheet I gave you is all about.